Advantages of Whiteboard Videos



These days, businesses worldwide are seeing the power of whiteboard animation to help establish greater brand awareness and sales. With video images being more preferred against the written word because of  the greater use of computers and other electronic devices , whiteboard animation videos are now the popular choice for making viewers to better understand a product or service.


Here are the particular advantages of using whiteboard videos:


Visuals are more effective as communication tools.


Drawings have been with us since the Paleolithic period. These first tries by homo sapiens to connect with others eventually developed into pictograms, ideograms, and finally actual writing. The association between making visual images and narrating a story has always been an intuitive and powerful way to distribute information, and it is more solid than ever in today’s digital era. Know more about whiteboard in



On-the-spot creation is remarkable.


Whiteboard doodles animation utilizes drawn images to develop characters and environments, making images to come to life as the viewer looks on. Every new line comes with a new and complete idea, keeping your viewers eager to watch and discover what is coming next.


The basics of the message is quickly and effectively delivered.


The narrative experience has never been more powerful than it currently is. With whiteboard animation, viewers can quickly put themselves into your story using attention-grabbing drawings and simple voiceovers that well express the essentials of your message.


Viewers like easy-to-understand content.


With their almost childlike charms, whiteboard animation is tremendously useful for educating your prospective customers, helping them understand the topic effortlessly.


Simple videos are remembered in more detail and for longer.


When worthwhile concepts and ideas at are merged with appealing illustrations, you have a winning formula for making consumers keep your video’s content in mind. This kind of processing, in which information enters into people’s long-term instead of their short-term memory, is exactly what you want in terms of educating not just your potential clients but also your existing ones.


Videos allow viewers to connect with you on an emotional level.


According to psychologists, people’s intentions and attitudes can change when they lose themselves in a story. In other words, when your viewers feel a connection with a good story, that story will have a way of influencing what they let themselves believe, which is exactly what all businesses hope for when designing their online video marketing strategies.


Whiteboard videos are simple and inexpensive.


A cut-down method of narrating a story without employing any distractive graphics or too complicated settings and characters, whiteboard explainer videos are also quite inexpensive, which means small businesses will be able to use them as they grow to maximum potential.


A How-to Guide: Making a Whiteboard Animation



In today’s time, more and more people are becoming aware of the whiteboard animation. There are quite part of custom whiteboard videos that you can discover on the web. People use this in creating public awareness, for entertainment, in promoting their business and so on and so forth. Whiteboard animation is exceptionally useful to each individual regardless of what reason it saw made on the grounds that in any case, it is one of the most ideal route in making achievement in illuminating individuals and in drawing in with other individuals.


However, some people are wondering if how exciting the media is. Possibly you were suspecting that it just takes a whiteboard and a whiteboard marker, and attracting all that you need to draw and that’s  all. Indeed, not exactly. It will take something beyond those systems to get things finished. Actually, you need more materials and procedures in order to achieve the result you want to have. It actually requires a lot of time to make whiteboard drawing video depending on how long your project is supposed to be done.


Computer, tripod, digital camera, eraser, whiteboard marker, and white board are the things you need to prepare when doing whiteboard animation. If you already have these things, let us now go to the drawing process and the capturing part of the object you are going to draw on your whiteboard animation. For example, you have an episode where there is a growing plant. To have that movement impact, you have to draw initial a grow leaving the ground at that point take a preview of it. In the event that you need to make alterations not long after from that point onward, you have to utilize the eraser to accomplish it. From that point forward, take another preview at that point draw a few leaves and once more, take another depiction. So fundamentally, on the off chance that you change anything in the attracting you have to take a preview. However, you need to set up your camera on a steady position for you to have a consistent circulation of work. Watch to gain more details about whiteboard.


This is the subsequent stage on the off chance that you need a development to be seen on your whiteboard animation, for example, a skipping ball. The principal thing you have to draw is a level line on the lower some portion of the whiteboard that will fill in as the floor and afterward draw a ball on the upper piece of the whiteboard and take a depiction of it. Next, draw a ball just underneath the principal ball you simply have drawn and after you have wrapped up the second ball, delete the primary ball you simply have drawn and take a depiction of it. Do this method in an incremental example straight up until the point when the ball achieves the ground.


After you have taken all the shots you need, it is now time for you to open your computer to download everything and edit the pictures to make an animation style, click to know more!

Advantages Of Utilizing Web Whiteboards For Your Organization



Telecommuting has become a more feasible and common effort in current day workforce.   There are more than three million people who are distant laborers by using telecommuting in the United States only, and that is a clear indication of how software options that increase output, effectiveness, and company unity has risen of late.   Even though whiteboards have been used in classrooms and conference rooms all over the world, the new technology development permits enterprises to apply this technique to the telecommuting world.   This has made the business proprietors realize that it has the capability to enhance, in addition to their communication with remote workers, on-site laborers also.   For that reason you need to consider this user-friendly technology when creating or expanding your distant workforce.


An online whiteboard at is a type of software tool that brings about a blank surface on which users are enabled to write, make drawings, and present animations.   Off-site learning programs generally apply them to give addresses, seminars and also class presentations.   This programme allows the teacher to present concepts in a similar manner as they would in a class or a conference setting.   This makes this tool ideal for enterprises as well.   Companies can now present information to skilled independent workers and off-site employees without having to assemble everyone in one room.   Supervisors and also tutors can conduct training sessions and learning courses for all employees simultaneously regardless of their location.


Online whiteboards also boost traditional meeting and conference demonstrations.   This innovation makes it feasible for a presenter to write, draw, and present PowerPoint animations simultaneously.   The capability to use animations for PowerPoint while presenting an idea in a live mode makes complex ideas easier to communicate.   It as well makes it feasible for the user to incorporate the whiteboard animation based on the response from the individuals assembled in the room as well as from distant viewers.   The programme is also user-friendly as if you understand how to make a slideshow for traditional live presentation, you can create one for distance laborers. To understand more about whiteboard, visit


Whiteboards also gives chances for sharing enterprise video drawings  productions with individuals operating distantly and to ensure that there is consistent training.   Ventures can use them to share videos that orient workers to the organizations, adhere to government and state training necessities and additionally share items and data.   Video production organizations can make videos and then use online programs to share them with an off-site workforce.   This innovation in addition to providing employees who travel occasionally a way of linking with colleagues, it makes it feasible to operate from home for people who are seeking flexible schedules.

Why You Should Consider Using Whiteboard Videos When Teaching



Whiteboard videos are taking the whole world by storm and they fulfill many different communication purposes. According to researchers, whiteboard videos has the ability to improve the way people learn. They are very interesting, educative, and at the same time, also entertaining.


Believe it or not, the best way to explain complex concepts  at is through whiteboard videos. For you to be convinced that this statement is actually a fact, let us talk about how people understand or grasp a complicated idea when trying to learn it for the first time.


Every new concept is just an additional information of existing concepts. Whenever we try to learn a complex concept that is new to us, it is our nature to associate it with a similar concept that we have mastered in the past. This method of learning allows us to easily absorb the new concept quickly and in an effective way.


Being able to hold multiple and different ideas in your mind is a skill that allows you to easily understand complex concepts. This is the reason why visual representations help a lot when teaching people. Learning through visual representations is not only very effective, it also allows us to recall the concept a lot easier. Watch to gain more info about whiteboard.


Now that you have reached this part of the article, let us now talk about whiteboard animation and why it is best to use this when teaching a very complex concept.


Whiteboard animation is one if not the best visual representation that will help your audience or students learn. It is no secret that this is a strong communication tool that promotes effective learning. Because this is a video (like watching a movie or a TV show), your audience will never be bored. They will find your topic and method of teaching very entertaining.


Another advantage of using whiteboard videos when teaching is that you can use the existing concepts in the minds of your viewers. No matter how complex the concept you are trying to teach them, they will be able to understand it more clearly. This should change the way people learn.


If you think about it, whiteboard video drawings are very similar to a typical classroom setup. The narrator or voice-over acts as the instructor and his blackboard are the different animations being shown. Because this stimulates a learning environment, it is not hard to see why this is a very effective learning tool.


When planning to explain, teach, motivate, or inform, why not try using a whiteboard video to effectively reach out to your target audience?

Why Whiteboard Video is Good for Your Business



The videos are not costly. The videos come free of charge. They are cheaper compared to other types of animated videos.  Since they being charged after every minute this makes them cheaper compared to convention videos. It can be effective when you are working on a tight budget with very many videos to show that requires a lot of explanation. Whiteboard videos will be of great help in your business, you would not regret it since it is a very pleasant experience.


Custom whiteboard videos also takes less time. 3-5 minutes is just enough to show a whiteboard videos. They take less time compared to other traditional forms of videos which may take even 30  minutes.  Their efficiency is unquestionable when you have very many activities to take care of. With whiteboard videos your viewers will absorb the information very fast since it is simple and takes a short time.


They are also compelling.  Peoples thoughts and the videos are moving in the same direction.  Human brains are adapted to retaining a more visual information more accurately than a texted one. People engage themselves and grab information faster in whiteboard videos as opposed to other forms of video animations. Since customers are important in business hence engaging them will make your business thrive well.


It can also show both facts and figures. It is designed in a way that it can show both the facts and figures simultaneously without disrupting the clients. Compared to other forms of video animations that have to interrupt one program to show the other. They just keep on switching between facts and figures. With that customer’s concentration on the information is going to be realized since there is no breakdown. Check out to learn more about whiteboard.


Getting the point to its destination is simple.  With whiteboard videos, clients can easily see a clear vision of your products and services and absorbs it.  Understanding the direction of the points in other forms of video animation is very hard since it takes a lot of time and there are also numerous interruption in the flow. A a lot of time is used in other types of video animation. With whiteboard videos you can easily win customers attention since it breaks the boredom.


Whiteboards can create more conversations. Include a whiteboard video on the first page of your site. Make a funny description of your products and services and give the reasons for creating it.  From this you will find that your viewers have turned into customers and this will be an advantage to you.


Real images can be conveyed in white boards. Real images are going to add more credit to your adverts.